Astronomers Stun the World with Image of Blackhole Powerful Jet

Unprecedented millimeter-wavelength picture reveals black hole and jet in Messier 87.

Revolutionary Astronomical Image

Image Credit: NASA

New image showcases the connection between accretion flow near the black hole and the origin of the jet.

Matter and Jet

Image Credit: NASA

GMVA, ALMA, and GLT join forces, transforming imaging capabilities in capturing the panoramic black hole and jet.

Image Credit: pixabay

Thicker ring structure at 3.5 mm wavelength provides insights into matter falling into the black hole.

Image Credit: Pixabay

ALMA and GLT augment GMVA, enabling measurement of the ring diameter and emergence of the triple-ridged jet.

Enhanced Resolution

Image Credit: NASA

Metsähovi Radio Observatory plays a vital role in gathering data for the groundbreaking image.

Aalto University's Contribution

Image Credit: NASA

Intricate details about energetic electrons and magnetic fields captured in the 3.5 mm image.

Synchrotron Radiation Unveiled

Image Credit: NASA

Low consumption rate of matter and conversion to radiation deepen understanding.

Insights into Black Hole's Nature

Image Credit: NASA

Broader radiation in the inner region hints at additional forces and chaotic environment around the black hole.

Surprising Discoveries

Image Credit: Pixabay

This breakthrough image initiates further observations, promising to unlock more secrets.

Unending Quest for Knowledge

Image Credit: NASA

Metsähovi actively participates in ongoing spring observations, with upgraded technology on the horizon.

Advancements on the Horizon

Image Credit: NASA

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Image Credit: Unsplash

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